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You are not to busy to focus on your health

It’s not easy to take on the demands of life - family, work, friends, caring for your home - it can feel overwhelming trying to balance it all. For women, it can be even more challenging given the countless roles we fill. How many times have you felt a sore throat coming on, stifled a sneeze or ignored a cough because you “didn’t have time for that?” When exactly are you supposed to be taking care of yourself? Where is the time for self-care, a clean diet, meditation, and daily exercise? Guess what? There is time. YOU ARE NOT TOO BUSY TO FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH. No matter how busy your days feel, there’s still room for healthy routines. All...

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Earth Day 2022

Every April 22nd since 1970, people around the globe come together to celebrate Earth Day - a day of action to change human behavior and create global change. This beautiful planet we call home gives us so much - from the air we breathe to the everyday products we use. And in turn it needs our help to continue to thrive and provide for us. This Earth Day 2022, we must INVEST IN OUR PLANET. Your choices count. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your everyday lifestyle and assess how you could be a little more eco-friendly. Many people think that “going green” must involve huge, inconvenient lifestyle changes, but even small swaps can make a...

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We are excited to announce our very first retail location.  JUVEA Organic Cotton Cover Talalay Latex Pillows are now available at Comfort Sleep Systems, located in Branford, CT. Our first retail location was a measured and data-driven approach that led the us to a luxury mattress and pillow store about 30 minutes away from our factory in Shelton, CT. This approach will allow our customers in the area to see and feel the product and truly understand the benefits of authentic Talalay latex. A true try before you buy experience. Juvea is encouraging customers to visit the store by offering 20% off your JUVEA pillow purchase for the month of April. With today’s consumer’s more discerning than ever before, loyal...

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Essentials Guide to Better Sleep

Our gift to you – JUVEA Essentials Guide to Better Sleep!  We go beyond the basics of sleep 101 to share with you fun, engaging and practical strategies to help you get the best sleep that you deserve!  Our goal – for your to wake rejuvenated, to own the morning and achieve all that is possible each day.  Download Juvea Sleep Guide Here:  

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An Investment in Sleep Can Produce Health and Beauty Benefits

  How much money and time have you invested in skincare products and treatments over the years? Depending on the price tag and length of use for each, it’s likely worth more than a grocery bill at Whole Foods. Why is it that for many of us, we can easily spend a mint for serums, oils, and facials, and then hesitate when investing in our sleep products, knowing they can have an equally significant effect on the health of our skin and hair?   A quality night’s rest can be the equivalent of a day at the spa, providing you with the rejuvenation you need to wake up with healthy, glowing skin, hence the term “beauty sleep.” While you are...

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