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How Sleep and Nutrition Contribute to Olympic-Level Fitness

All eyes are focused on Tokyo Olympic Village and the world’s finest athletic superstars. Still officially called the “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games,” the summer Olympics run through August 8, 2021. As fans admire the skills and fortitude of these amazing athletes, many ask: “How do they do it?” The obvious answer is “training.” But, what does that involve? Training is more than just a good coach, determination and long hours of hard work. The excessive activity athletes engage in involves commitment to rigid training routines and good nutrition and sleep habits. This, I believe, starts with a positive attitude, a passion for their sport, and an overall commitment to health and fitness. It doesn’t matter if it’s gymnastics, swimming, track and...

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The Effects of Temperature on Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the most important functions your body performs, and a great many things impact sleep quality. These include what and when you eat, toxins in the air, and even the color of your bedroom walls. Chief among things that affect sleep is temperature. This includes the temperature of the sleep environment, as well the temperature of your body and bedding. Sleep: Good Vs. Bad Unfortunately, many people know the drastic effects poor sleep can have on the body and mind, in both the short and long term. Just a few nights of tossing and turning can result in memory issues, an inability to concentrate, irritability, stress and the release of stress hormones. Lack of sleep for longer...

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If Sleeping With Your Partner Is Disruptive....

If Sleeping With Your Partner Is Disruptive, Consider the Pros and Cons of Sleeping Apart In classic shows like I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke, these “married” couples slept in separate beds. While this was really more about the prevailing television code and censorship rules of the 1950s and 60s, we can take a lesson from shows like these. Separate beds – and even separate bedrooms – can be a good solution for people who are sleep deprived because of their partner’s different or poor sleep habits or physical issues. Why Sleep Is Important Sleep is critical to our well-being. We need restful, restorative sleep for emotional balance, mental clarity and overall health. Good sleep: Supports brain functions, including...

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Food and Sleep: How Food Promotes (or Interrupts) Great Sleep

Food and Sleep: How Food Promotes (or Interrupts) Great Sleep by: Ingrid Prueher, Holistic Sleep Coach Many things can interrupt a healthy sleep cycle — eating too late or too much food; consuming alcoholic beverages too close to bedtime; not having a consistent sleep schedule; and not getting enough exposure to natural light. If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from sleep deprivation, don’t give up hope. You can get back to satisfying, restorative sleep. And it can be through making good food choices. By eating the right foods at the right times, and ensuring you have proper intake of sleep-enhancing vitamins and minerals, you can feel rested and raring to go each morning. The Stages of Sleep...

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Detox Your Bedroom

Getting proper sleep is essential to your well-being. Benefits include strengthening your immune system, maintaining a healthy weight, lowering your risk for diabetes and heart disease, reducing stress, and thinking clearly.

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