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How Can Noise Color Improve Your Sleep?

Almost a third of American adults struggle every morning because we don’t get enough quality sleep. A common issue amongst the sleep deprived is the challenge of not being able to fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time. Every little noise, light, blanket imperfection, etc. begins to add to the mounting frustration that we are STILL AWAKE long after our scheduled bedtime. As a result, we are constantly on a quest for tips, tricks and tools that can support our sleep health. One tool that has provided sleep aid for many, is the addition of white noise to their sleep routine. You’ve probably used the term when referring to a sound in the background - think television static or...

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A September Sleep Reset

When we think of September, what comes to mind is typically Back to School season - adjusting to that busy schedule of Monday through Friday classes, including homework and after school activities. However, those of us who don’t have kids heading back to school or aren’t starting classes ourselves still can benefit from a re-establishing a good sleep routine - a September Sleep Reset. In our previous blog post, Back to School: Re-establishing a Healthy Sleep Schedule, we discussed deciding on a wake-up time and working backwards to set up a bedtime routine that works for you. Let’s take a deeper look at each step of that routine. You’ve established your wake-up time as 6:30 A.M. and know that you...

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Back to School: Re-establishing a Healthy Sleep Schedule

If Back to School season is giving you that ultimate Sunday Scaries feeling, you’re not alone! As our lazy beach days transition back to school and work days, it can be challenging for our bodies and minds to adjust to alarm clocks, busier schedules and earlier bedtimes. However, we are creatures of habit and just as our health can benefit from rest and relaxation, we also need routines. An integral part of learning and brain development is sleep, so it’s imperative that kids, teens, and adults enrolled in school, practice a healthy, consistent sleep schedule. 25% of young children are believed to suffer from poor sleep and significant daytime sleepiness.¹ Additionally, the CDC has reported that over 57% of middle...

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Summer Sleep: Stick to Your Routine, Stay Hydrated and Keep it Cool!

Summer is a joyful and fun season - packed with vacations, outdoor activities, and late nights. We can’t help but want to take advantage of everything the season has to offer. However, when it comes to sleep, the summer season can be quite challenging! It's warmer, the days are longer and there's always something on the schedule disrupting bedtime routines. So in order to continue getting your best sleep this year, remember to stick to your routine, stay hydrated and keep it cool! Stick to your routine! Yes, it’s lighter later and there’s lots to do, but try to stick to your schedule! An important part of a sleep routine is a consistent bedtime and wake time. If you think...

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Consider this permission to play a game of golf and then go to bed early

June is National Men’s Health Month - an opportunity to encourage awareness and conversations about men’s health issues. Men are less likely to seek healthcare than women and as a result they often experience health issues that go unnoticed or neglected. This may stem from an expectation for men to be strong and not show signs of weakness, which for some may develop into a belief that going to the doctor or practicing self-care is weak. However, attention to your mental, emotional and physical health is actually a powerful tool toward a stronger, healthier you. Men’s health issues deserve attention and men should be encouraged to continue seeking health care. Celebrate Men’s Health Month this June by: Wearing BLUE to...

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