I love this pillow. I've been sleeping on down and regular poly fill pillows for my whole life, and have a very curvy spine so I recently realized that my neck and back were likely hurting because I needed more support and spine alignment while I slept. Thus began my hunt for the perfect latex pillow, and I'm so happy with my choice! I got the low-loft pillow with a Tencel cover, and it's the softest thing I've ever slept on while somehow still being supportive for my head and neck. I was a little afraid of latex foam pillows because I imagined they'd be hot, but this one is so breathable - it might even be cooler than my down pillow. Plus, I love that it's made of natural materials. I'm never going back! ~ Sarah

I have always preferred solid latex pillows, but they are not so easy to find. I had purchased pillows in the past from another company twice, but found that the quality of their pillows had gone down in the three years from the first pillow purchase to the second while the price had gone up. Since I did not want to purchase from them again, I consulted Mr. Google and found this company. I was intrigued by the thought of a cooling pillow - I use latex because it is cooler in addition to it being hypoallergenic - and decided to try it. I could not be happier - these really are cooler. They stay cooler longer and cool down faster. I can also attest that their pillow finder works well - the pillow I ordered for myself was perfect as was the one I ordered for my husband. I have been using these for four months now and am so glad that I purchased them. ~ Zora

I got the low profile cooling pillow and I love it. It's extremely soft and noticeably cooler than any other pillow I've used. Worth every penny. ~ Logan

I got the high profile, cooling, king-sized pillow and I'm in love. The king size is long enough to turn sideways and use as a body pillow; the cooling magic actually works -- the pillow is cold to the touch even after hours in bed; and the extra height is so comfortable and luxe it makes me feel like a cartoon princess. I'm about 10 great nights of sleep in and have exactly zero complaints. ~ Jane

My boyfriend got me (himself) this pillow (I stole it), and it is the best thing I never knew I needed. The parts that you aren't touching a downright chilly, and the parts you are touching don't make your head warm like normal pillows. Also, it's squishy enough that it molds to your head in a way that's very comfortable. Def would recommend to everyone. ~ Mary