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Soft or Structured, Which Pillow Type is Best for Sleep?

At some point, we’ve all been startled awake by our alarm. Your limbs aren’t quite caught up with the fact that it’s the morning, so you reach over to fumble for the snooze button and knock your alarm clock to the ground.  Suddenly, a sharp pain jolts up your shoulder and into the back of your neck, and you crane your head to see that your feather pillow is as deflated as a balloon. Now you have a whole day’s worth of neck pain to look forward to.  There are several differences between soft, unsupportive feather pillows and natural pillows that use structured latex. The best pillow for you depends on how you sleep during the night and which pillow...

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Should I Let My Pet Sleep In My Bed?

Those of you with pets—you know the situation all too well. It’s time for bed, and you’re climbing into the sheets. The pillow, quilt, comforter, they’re all ready for you to enjoy your night’s rest. Suddenly, you feel all four paws bound up into bed with you and you’re overcome with the love and adoration of your pet who also enjoys resting in your bed.  Or, you might think that people who let their pets sleep with them in bed are all wrong. However, pets sleeping on their owners’ beds is more common than you think. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association claims that 42% of all dog owners allow their dogs to sleep in their bed. Moreover, the Animal...

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Sleeping With the TV On: Good or Bad?

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and the upcoming Disney+... There’s simply too much TV. Not to mention, TVs and tablets are so lightweight and portable, you could have a TV in every room if you wish.  When you get home from work each day, you might want to wind down by watching the latest and greatest show. Then, for some, that means taking the TV watching experience up to bed with them because there aren’t enough hours in the day to stay TV-relevant.  Your show rolls on—all the while you drift off to sleep. Now, your TV is still on and, of course, whichever streaming platform you’re using is going to continue playing until it asks: “Are you still...

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How Toxic Is Your Current Pillow?

Our food choices are often made from our need to keep our bodies free from impurities, toxins, or harmful chemicals. But how often do you think about what you put your head on to sleep at night? Your pillow might have been made with harsh chemicals or chemical processes that could be damaging to your body over long periods. In this article, you will learn how your pillow can be toxic and what you can do to try and have healthier sleep every night.  Hidden Toxic Properties of Your Pillows Every company manufactures their pillows differently, so the level of hidden toxicity will fluctuate with every pillow brand. Many so-called organic pillows use organic materials but will treat those materials...

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9 Tips for Fixing Your Back-to-School Sleep Schedule

Summer is a time to relax and recover from the months of learning. It’s a time that can lead to wonderful memories of sunshine, vacations, new experiences, and late nights. However, sometimes those late nights and late morning wake up times can become habitual.  For kids, teens, and adults, lack of sleep has been connected to: Greater risk of depression, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease Irritability and impulsivity Problems associated with learning Since an integral part of learning is sleep, it’s crucial that kids, teens, and adults enrolled in school get back on a regular, healthy sleep schedule. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine claims that kids ages 6 to 12 need around 9 to 12 hours of sleep while...

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