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How to Manage Common Sleep Issues

Did you know that 50 to 70 million people suffer from a sleep disorder?1 That’s millions of people who are more prone to serious health risks, like heart disease, and behavioral side effects. Sleep restores and rebalances your hormone production, repairs tissue, and strengthens your immune system.2 The first step to ensure that you get your much-needed rest is to identify what issues are obstructing you from sleeping in the first place. Once you know the problem areas, you can make adjustments — and we’re here to help.  Three Common Problems and Possible Solutions to Get More Sleep Problem Your bedroom is disorganized and not conducive to relaxation and sleep. Solution There’s a connection between a cluttered environment and how it...

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An Old Pillow May Affect Your Health

Did you know that some health problems might be attributed to a pillow that’s long past its prime? The health consequences aren’t life-threatening, but they can certainly cause discomfort and irritation.  You interact with your pillow every single night. It’s worth it to take stock of what you put your head on at night and ensure that you’re achieving healthy, better sleep. If you’re experiencing any of the health issues described in this post, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Health Effects Caused by a Bad Pillow Stiffness If you have achy shoulders or neck, it might be caused by the type of pillow that you use. The size of your pillow should provide the best angle to cradle your...

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How Sleep Impairment Might Affect the Workplace

The competitive nature and the “always on” mentality at the workplace might be leading to fewer hours of and more disrupted sleep. On the other hand, without the time to recharge your own battery, you could be prone to behavioral issues, less cognitive ability, and heart disease. Encouraging employees to get their appropriate amount of rest and relaxation could lead to more productivity, creativity, and higher morale.  The Negative Impacts of Impaired Sleep Sluggishness might be an indicator of even more insidious and less-obvious side effects of sleep-deprived employees. Behavior can be linked to the quality and consistency of healthy sleep habits. When someone is not getting their night’s rest, they can be cranky. However, there could be even more...

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