Juvea pillows on bed

Our Pillow Covers

JUVEA™ pillow covers are designed to make you feel more comfortable at night, no matter how you sleep.

  • Our TENCEL™ Lyocell pillow covers are made with highly breathable materials for a more rejuvenating night’s sleep. The fibers in the cover create a luxurious surface and pull moisture away from the body—perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, our material’s fabric prevents excess movement, which means fewer wrinkles on your pillow cover.

  • Natural fibers in our JUVEA™ cotton covers are densely woven to absorb moisture, rather than repelling in onto the skin. You can feel cooler at night and feel better about our pillow cover because our cotton is made from renewable resources.

  • The JUVEA™ Pillow with Cooling Cover uses 100% natural materials that ensure you stay cool through the night. Bonds in the fabric prevent body heat absorption by pulling heat away from the body and dissipating it. Our specially formulated, durable material draws moisture away from your skin and keeps you comfortable all night long.