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Thankful: A JUVEA Customer Experience

The holiday season is a time to celebrate, reflect and express gratitude for many aspects of life. We are so thankful to have people like you as a part of our community. The positivity and support that we receive from all of our customers continues to push us forward. We love hearing your stories of sleep successes and this Thankful Thursday, wanted to share one of our favorites… 

Earlier this year, one of our customers, Marissa, reached out to us regarding her experience with JUVEA pillows. 

Marissa’s mother, Suzanne, was diagnosed in January 2022 with Leukemia. Suzanne spent nearly two months in the ICU with complications. “Laying in bed all day, every day, was so hard on her body, so comfort was essential from the start.” Marissa shared. “I ordered your pillows and she LOVED them. The hospital pillows were terrible but the JUVEA pillows made her so much more comfortable and able to sleep.” 

Eventually Suzanne’s muscles atrophied so much that she was unable to move her own body and needed the nurses to reposition her, using the pillows underneath her for support. Marissa said that every time a new nurse came in to reposition her mom, they all said the same thing, “Woah, these are not hospital pillows!! This is amazing - where did you get this pillow?” She quickly became known on the ICU floor as Miss Suzanne - The Pillow Lady! 

After months of treatment, Suzanne was sent to hospice. “We tearfully said goodbye to the nursing staff that cared so diligently for my mom and to this day I still do not have words to express how hard they worked for her. We took my mom to the hospice floor to pass, and you better believe we made her as comfortable with those pillows as we possibly could.” 

After over a week in hospice, Suzanne surprised everyone with a miraculous recovery. Over the next several months she worked hard to learn to walk again and was able to receive a bone marrow transplant in September 2022. Suzanne was back in the hospital for about a month, and ended up bringing her comfy JUVEA pillows with her from home. 

Marissa and her mom met with the wonderful nurses who cared for Suzanne for a ‘thank you’ dinner, and through a donation from JUVEA, they gifted each nurse one of the pillows she became famous for during her time in the ICU. In her donation request, Marissa shared, “if anyone deserves it, it would be the nurses who work so tirelessly and oftentimes also thanklessly. I know they deserve a good night’s rest more than any of us! It may seem like a small thing, but the ability to make her comfortable in the ICU was actually very, very important and deeply meaningful.” 

At JUVEA, we were overcome with joy to be a part of making a difference in the lives of Suzanne and her nurses. It is our mission to provide our community with sleep products that allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and healthier.