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Summer Sleep: Stick to Your Routine, Stay Hydrated and Keep it Cool!

Summer is a joyful and fun season - packed with vacations, outdoor activities, and late nights. We can’t help but want to take advantage of everything the season has to offer. However, when it comes to sleep, the summer season can be quite challenging! It's warmer, the days are longer and there's always something on the schedule disrupting bedtime routines. So in order to continue getting your best sleep this year, remember to stick to your routine, stay hydrated and keep it cool!

Stick to your routine!

Yes, it’s lighter later and there’s lots to do, but try to stick to your schedule! An important part of a sleep routine is a consistent bedtime and wake time. If you think you’ll feel better sleeping in on a Saturday morning because you stayed out late for that backyard bbq, keep it to no more than a half hour difference. Anything more will have the opposite effect and leave you groggy. Routines may be powerful when it comes to training your body to achieve better sleep.


Hydration is important for most systems of the body, which is why it’s no surprise that dehydration can have a significant effect on our sleep. It’s particularly important during the summer months when you’re sweating more frequently and essentially losing water. If you often find yourself thirsty at night, it may mean that you aren’t staying hydrated during the day. By maintaining hydration throughout the day, you have less to worry about during bedtime. Sip fluids regularly, by setting a reminder or alarm. Additionally, keep a glass of ice water on your bedside table. It will help you stay hydrated and get some cooling relief!

Keep it Cool!

Start by making sure your bedroom temperature is optimal for your sleep. We recommend setting your thermostat to 60-67℉. Might sound a bit too cool, however a setting in this range will help your body maintain its natural core temperature for restful sleep.

Choose bedclothes that work for you, but keep in mind that your clothing can elevate your body temperature during the night! Wearing lightweight clothing can avoid any additional overheating. 

Drawing the shades or closing the blinds can also help. Keeping the sunlight out of your sleep environment will keep things cool, while also maintain a dark environment to help you sleep longer.

Use A Bedside Fan!

A box or window fan can help circulate air throughout your sleep environment. Keep the fan running all day – not just when you’re ready to go to sleep – to circulate the air. A fan that includes an air purifier is ideal!

Invest In The Right Pillow!

The properties of JUVEA Talalay latex pillows provide a cooling effect unlike any other pillow manufactured on the market. They feature open-cell technology which enables enhanced air circulation for maximum breathability and temperature regulation.

JUVEA 100% Talalay Latex Pillows are:

  • Moisture wicking
  • Highly breathable
  • Temperature regulating

Summer is here and so are sweaty nights of sleep? Not with the right routine, hydration, and bedroom environment including a JUVEA pillow – you’ll sleep comfortably all summer long.