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Human Hibernation: The Benefits of Slowing Down During the Winter Months

January - cue the never-ending month jokes and complaints about the weather. The holidays have come to an end and it can feel down right dreary. However, what also comes to mind during the first month of the year is renewal, and as a brand whose goal is to provide rejuvenation, we love and embrace January - what better time to slow down and hibernate. We know - humans can’t actually hibernate. However, during the coldest, darkest months of the year, many of us practice something similar. It is a natural response to our environment - slowing down and retreating to recharge our metaphorical batteries for the warmer, lighter months. 

Let’s first talk about what a modified hibernation might look like. Most of us have spent the last few months moving at lightening speed; family engagements, work responsibilities, holiday parties; weeknights full of activities and weekends even more full with everything else we didn’t do during the week. Time is a thief and if you’re a mourner of it, this pace can really take a toll on you. Implementing small changes to slow down, a little bit at a time can be beneficial. Those changes might include: 

  • A Technology Detox - this could look like putting your phone away at 6pm every evening, and/or no TV/electronics after 7pm. This time can be filled with making/enjoying dinner, reading, really anything else you’ve been meaning to accomplish around the house!
  • Saying ‘No’ to Social Engagements - it’s difficult, but you can do it. No need to come up with an excuse, simply say, “thank you, maybe next time!”
  • More Evenings & Dinners At Home - try to reduce the amount of time you’re staying later at work or the number of evening activities (appointments, sports practices, etc.) you’re signed up for.
  • A Healthier, More Nourishing Diet - you may have spend the last couple months surviving on cookies and red wine so a reset in this department might be needed! Plan you meals and cook - when we have control over our food preparation, we generally eat healthier!
  • An Investment in Your Sleep Environment - refreshing your bedroom can be a game changer for your quality of sleep. Upgrade your bedding with crisp new sheets and JUVEA natural Talalay latex pillows. 

This slow down can provide benefits that will last throughout the year. You’ll see an improvement in your work/life balance as it will be difficult to give up the time you blocked out for you and your family. The healthy meal planning and sleep upgrade will contribute to a boost in your overall health. And the rejuvenation will allow you to really focus on the activities you enjoy - that bring you calm and create moments you really savor. Although we can’t (yet) fully hibernate like our bee and bear friends, an adaptation of this concept that works for our own winters, can help conserve and renew us for spring.