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Silk & Silver by Juvea
Silk & Silver by Juvea
Silk & Silver by Juvea
Silk & Silver by Juvea
Silk & Silver by Juvea

Silk & Silver by Juvea

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A unique combination of natural elements of Mulberry Silk, Natural Silver and Talalay Latex providing beautifying benefits while you sleep. A luxurious sleep experience that naturally beautifies. Sleeping on silk and silver is an indulgence that makes you feel like a celebrity, but also delivers a long list of health benefits. Healthy, and vibrant skin is a tell-tale indicator of how good you feel on the inside. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of yourself starting with your nightly sleep. While we know of products that can aid you in beautifying your skin while you sleep, there is only one pillow that assists in restoring your natural beauty and health, so you wake up being your best, most beautiful self, and that’s Silk + Silver by Juvea.

  • Beauty benefits of mulberry silk cover
  • Health benefits of silver infused talalay latex
  • Effortless airflow
  • Natural and eco-friendly
  • manufactured and assembled in USA
  • Unparalleled Pressure Relief
  • Safe and free from harmful chemicals


Standard, Low/Firm, Molded: 24.8X16.1X6 

Standard, High/Medium Firm Molded: 24X15.7X6.5

King, Low/Firm, Molded: 31.5X15.7X5.2

King, High/Medium Firm, Molded: 33X15.7X7

King, Big Daddy/Shredded:  35x18x8

Queen, Silk & Silver, Medium Firm Molded: 27.5X15.7X7

King, Silk & Silver, Medium Firm Molded: 33X15.7X7