Introducing freeli. by JUVEA

Introducing freeli. by JUVEA

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freeli. by Juvea is an 100% Natural Latex pillow in standard and king sizes that offer the same low loft for your desired sleeping position but with softer support. If you prefer a lower loft without the firmness, this pillow is for you.

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    The specially-formulated material draws moisture away from the skin and into the air, helping to further maintain a serene sleep environment. Water resistant technology prevents sweat and other fluids from absorbing, allowing for increased durability and a more comfortable night’s rest. Strong, tear-resistant fabric extends the life of your pillow. The 100% natural JUVEA latex foam interior offers buoyant, airy support with evenly distributed density.


    Standard, Low/Firm, Molded: 24.8X16.1X6 

    Standard, High/Firm, Molded: 24X15.7X6.5

    King, Low/Medium Firm, Molded: 31.5X15.7X5.2

    King, High/Medium Firm, Molded: 33X15.7X7

    King, Big Daddy/Shredded:  35x18x8

    Synthetic ingredients in our Talalay latex? Not a chance.

    It all starts with the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. We harvest this arboreal beauty’s pure rubber sap to make our latex, following a time-honored Talalay manufacturing process. The sap is processed with a unique 7-step process that requires heat and cold — but never chemical additives. The end result is a product of consistent quality and density that is 100% natural, uniquely bouyant, and amazingly breathable.

    Helping you sleep at night, in more ways than one

    Our ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging practices ensure your mind can rest easy too.

    • Made in the USA

      All pillows are made in our manufacturing and business headquarters in Shelton, CT.

    • Long-lasting

      Unlike traditional materials, like down, that can flatten, or chemically-based materials, like memory foam, that can deteriorate, Talalay latex doesn't require frequent replacement.

    • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

      We use natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable resources and process them using pressure, heat, and cold – not hazardous chemicals.

    • Thoughtfully Packaged

      We limit the use of plastic in our packaging and are always looking for ways to pack, seal, and ship smarter.